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Technological and Consultancy services

Engineering - (eng. Engineering, from Lat. Ingenium - ingenuity, invention, knowledge), a form of international commercial relations in the field of science and technology, the main objective is to provide services to bring scientific research and experimental development to production stage .

Technological and consulting services.

European Economic Commission has made a classification of engineering services, adopted by the engineering community, based on types of activities, including specifying for technological and engineering consulting. Not by chance was one of the engineering tools to promote innovation in aluminum processing. The need was caused by the rapid growth of the use of aluminum, which has been a characteristic feature of the XX century  - the century of dramatic changes. In practice, only the second half of the last century, made aluminum the main structural material after steel. The collapse of the centralized control system in Russia  strengthened the demand in engineering, as only in the 90th aluminum has entered  the market.. This led to an immediate expansion and development of new forms of engineering, for example, to the need for urgent elimination of the backlog in the system of higher technical education, lack of information support of industry professionals etc.
Each of these types of engineering work contributed to the rapid development and production use of new material - aluminum in a variety of structural solutions.

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