Conference Subjects


•The Potential of the Circular Economy

•Contribution of the Russian Aluminum Industry to Secondary Aluminium Development

•Secondary Aluminium World Market Outlook

•Development Trends of Asian markets

•Tasks and Solutions to Increase Aluminum Scrap Collection

•New Technologies for Continuous Sorting of Shredded Scrap

•Modern Furnaces and Materials

•Recycling of Aluminum Packaging

•Closed Cycle of Motor Vehicle’s Scrap

•Continuous Chips Recycling Technology

•Multi-Chamber Melting of Scrap

•Devices to Control Scrap and Melt Chemical Composition

•Quality of Secondary Alloys - Options and Limits

•Secondary Alloys’ Applications
•Shaped casting is the basic technology of secondary aluminum processing

•New Technologies for Salt Slag Processing

•Environmental Issues of Aluminum Recycling



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