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Qualicoat is an international noncommercial association which conducts voluntary certification of the job-coaters and grants approvals to manufacturers of powder paints, colours and chemicals.

Qualicoat is a global quality label organization committed to maintain the quality of lacquering, painting and coating on aluminium and its alloys for architectural applications.

Qualicoat members are national or international associations that have entered into a General License agreement with the Association for Quality Control in the Lacquering, Painting and Coating Industry Qualicoat. They are called General Licensees. All over the world these associations have the exclusive right to issue authorizations to use the Qualicoat trademark by sub-license to companies who are engaged in the business of paint coating of aluminium parts for architectural purposes.


NP RAEA – is the General Licensee for Qualicoat in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.


Participation in the association and collaboration with the licensed plants brings benefit to all concerned parties:


the customer receives coatings of a stable quality that meet certain standards

licensed plants get advantages during participation in tenders, the "quality label" can be used on the product’s packaging

owners of buildings under construction are sure of long service life of their buildings

Qualicoat defines the list of the minimum requirements to the quality of coatings and the plant’s equipment (including the laboratories), in order to provide the required quality level of products.


Companies, that fail inspections, loose the license.


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