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About Partnership

RAEA – professional association that serves the interests of producers and consumers of aluminum semi-finished products, companies engaged in the aluminum finishing industry. The purpose of the Partnership creation is rendering assistance to the extruders in supporting the extrusion industry’s progress in order to provide a stable growth of extrusion products’ consumption on home and foreign market.


RAEA – is The General Licensee for QUALICOAT in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan; and QUALANOD, QUALISTEELCOAT in Russia


The Partnership coordinates the interaction between extruders and federal and regional governments, contributes to the competitiveness of the industry and serves as a platform for communication between the Partnership members and perspective extrusion products’ consumers.

To achieve its goals RAEA organizes International Conferences and Exhibitions on annual basis.


The Partnership also takes part in developing technical regulations and standards related to aluminium pressed products, helps Russian producers to make use of international practices and increase levels of automated production, offers technical consulting services and carries out market research at the request of the partnership’s members.


RAEA’s mission:
-to promote the growth of aluminium consumption in the traditional and new industrial sectors as the basic competitive and constructional material, which guarantee environmental and economic advantages
-to support the experts’ professional level and competence of the Partnership’s company-members in the research and practical development of the technologies, equipment, innovative production methods and application methodology of the aluminium extrusions and rolled products
-to coordinate the Partnership members’ efforts in the product’s quality and reliability improvement by means of the high-quality finishing, a wide use of effective coating products and of the new aluminium alloys development
-to represent and protect interests of the Partnership’s members at the federal and regional levels in the domestic and foreign markets

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