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30.03.2020 DIGEST OF COVID-19 NEWS. Russian Aluminium Industry

Organizations that are part of the Aluminum Association of Russia are taking measures to counteract the spread of coronavirus infection. Down below you may find some excerpts from messages of Russian aluminum industry representatives.

ALUTECH Group of Companies

«It is sad that such a difficult epidemiological and economic situation has developed in the world. We hope that soon it will get better and by the summer we will return to the standard mode of work and life. As you know, Belarus did not close borders and did not impose quarantine on its territory. Our factories are operating normally.

All necessary precautions have been taken at the production site and at the offices: dispensers with disinfectant solution have been installed, entrance and exit from the premises through floor-mounted special disinfectants, visitors are offered individual gauze masks, meetings with a large number of participants are prohibited, hourly disinfection is carried out at the office and industrial premises, access to the office is allowed only to factory employees, contacts with representatives of third-party organizations are carried out through the checkpoint.

Production has not been cancelled, shipments are carried out regularly, staff works in the office and is available for communication».

ALTEK Company

«ALTEK Company, despite the difficult epidemiological situation around the world, reports that the office and production are operating normally. To ensure the health and safety of employees and customers, we strictly observe sanitary standards and strengthen measures to prevent the spread of viral infection. Organized additional ventilation and disinfection of workplaces and premises. Restrictive measures have been introduced to visit enterprises by employees of third-party organizations. Raw materials and goods are delivered on time, and stocks allow us to work smoothly, fulfill contractual relationships and produce aluminum profiles for customers. Nevertheless, given the current situation, the IT department set up and test the gadgets to work remotely for all interested employees».


«MOSKABELMET factories operate as usual, producing and supplying all the necessary products to customers. We accept orders and ensure an uninterrupted production cycle. The safety and health of all our employees is an integral part of our domestic policy. Therefore, considering current situation, we carry out a set of informational and protective measures. All events are developed on the basis of the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow dated March 16, 2020 No. 21-UM».

General Director of THE GROUP OF COMPANIES MOSKABELMET Pavel Moryakov: 
«In such a difficult epidemiological situation, we, of course, are responsible for ensuring the required conditions. A number of measures to control the situation are already implemented in the daily work of staff».


«On March 16 the company announced additional safety measures against coronavirus. Since March 17 some employees have started working from home, maintaining continuity of work processes and ensuring their effectiveness remotely. Additional measures have also been taken at the factory to prevent the spread of the virus. Travel and vacation with cost compensation have been canceled. The measures developed in RUSAL are designed to preserve the health of employees and prevent the spread of the virus».

RUSAL CEO Evgeny Nikitin: 

«The current epidemiological situation is not only a serious test for the entire economy, but above all a risk for our employees. Our health depends on our prompt and clear actions. Only by joint efforts can we stop the spread of the virus in the country and the world. Unprecedented measures have been introduced throughout RUSAL in order to ensure the necessary continuity of production and maximize the safety of our staff».

Source: Russian Aluminium Association

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