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Licensed companies

OOO "New Technologies"

New Technologies, JSC is a high-tech plant for metal powder coating with a 10 year experience as a job-coater with a deep research and development approach. It is the first job-coater in Russia that was approved by QUALICOAT.

LTD "Iplana"

Group of companies "Iplana", founded in 1993, provides a full range of services for the supply of aluminium profiles - from design drawing to finished aluminium profiles, including machining. It is the only enterprise in Russia for aluminium profiles finishing that have an anodizing line, line of polymeric powder coatings, decoration line (sublimation foil transfer) and a site of aluminium profiles machining, equipped with CNC machines. Quality of coatings meets the requirments of QUALICOAT, QUALANOD and QUALICOAT SWASIDE (It is the only certificate for this class of coating in Russia).

OOO "Colorit"

The company has existed for more than ten years n the construction market. Since January 21, 2005 it was registered as OOO "COLORIT". 
 To match the rapidly changing market, the company takes into account the growing demands for the quality of products of end-users, architects and industrial designers.In 2009, OOO "COLORIT" was certified by the international quality organization QUALICOAT. The equipment, technology and use of certified powder paints guarantee the quality of the coated extrusions for a period of 10 years.The production capacity of the powder coating line is up to 210 tons of aluminum profile per month.

OOO "New Technologies" M

High-tech powder coating plant of aluminum "New Technologies M" is equipped with the latest scientific technologies and has in its arsenal the latest technical developments such as the conveyor, equipped with a part recognition system controlled by a single computer system, with minimal manned control in the technological process. Surface pretreatment of aluminium and coating  are carried out using the latest technologies and paints, the quality of which is confirmed by the QUALICOAT certificate.


International aluminium company MAK

The products of OOO "MAK" meet high technological, operational, aesthetic requirements and are delivered to the market of Russia and CIS countries. The equipment put into operation makes it possible to produce a wide range of aluminum profiles used in different areas: construction, car building, shipbuilding, advertising and production:furniture; windows, doors, facades; systems of balcony glazing; industrial ventilation; shower cabins; refrigerators; trade fair and exhibition equipment; sliding-door wardrobes; radiators; cornices, stairs; fixtures. New types of products are constantly being mastered. 


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