6th Conference and Exhibition"Aluminium XXI/Surface Treatment and Finishing


This international forum, organized and hosted by NP RAEA in Moscow, Russia, regularly attracts remarkable speakers and most influential experts –chief executives of companies, suppliers, active new buyers, academics and other professionals engaged in the aluminium coating industry. It serves to spread updated knowledge about new products, relevant methods and innovative solutions, covering different aspects of the production, application and requirements for the aluminium surface treatment and finishing processes, so much in demand in present-day competitive and challenging industrial environment.


The three day comprehensive event anticipates the wishes of its
attendees by combining several activities such as:

 -Informative knowledge sharing

-Business networking within a group
of aluminium professionalls at the exhibition
-Field trip to an innovative plant.


Use the chance to order an exhibition booth and showcase your latest
equipment to an interested audience of industry professionals or speak on the
latest technology trends by submitting your technical paper and presentation
until December, 20, 2018.

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